Welcoming Uri Pomerantz to JSV

by Victor Echevarria

April 30th, 2020

There’s no simple formula for venture capital recruiting. So much of what makes a great team member comes from intangible qualities. It is no secret that we look for operators and entrepreneurs to join our team at Jackson Square Ventures; the unique experience they have gained in the trenches just cannot be duplicated. Former founders can model themselves after the kinds of investors with whom they have worked who have added the most value. As you’ve heard us say before, this job isn’t just about sourcing deals; it’s knowing how to select the right companies and, more importantly, supporting teams through good times and bad. Mastering those skills—sourcing, selection, and stewardship—is a prerequisite for tackling the most difficult part of venture capital: earning the trust of entrepreneurs and the right to join them as an investor.

That’s why we are exceptionally pleased to welcome Uri Pomerantz as our newest Venture Partner. Over the months we spent getting to know each other, Uri impressed us on all fronts. He introduced us to some incredible entrepreneurs and contributed a unique point of view to our ongoing diligence discussions. His meticulous attention to detail and follow-through matches up with the respect founders deserve for sharing their companies with us. As a three-time founder with a diverse and interesting background, he is naturally predisposed to empathize with entrepreneurs and will be a great partner for any companies he works with.

Welcome Uri Pomerantz

Uri started with us mere days after the Bay Area’s shelter-in-place order was put in place. Even though we’ve been a virtual team since his first day, working together over Zoom has been effortless—a testament to the adaptability we heard about from references. We’re thrilled to have Uri on our team and look forward to the journey ahead.